Legacy Society

Rabbi's Message

To the members of the Beth Jacob Legacy Society:

Allow me to express my admiration and appreciation for your participation in this vital component of Beth Jacob's future. We are all proud of the accomplishments and reputation that our Shul has achieved and you have taken the next steps to secure our position for another century and beyond.

Our sages teach us " Chacham Einav B'Rosho" which means that a defining characteristic of wisdom is foresight. Nothing in life is successful without advanced planning and careful preparation; this universal rule applies equally to raising children, starting a business or running a synagogue. By bringing planned giving to the forefront and making a commitment, you have demonstrated your commitment to the future success of the Shul in a selfless and significant way.

Through this lasting pledge, you are making a strong statement to your friends and family that your values are worth preserving, and most importantly, you are backing up your words with action. May Hashem repay your generosity in kind- with abundant blessings to sustain your family and loved ones for many future generations.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Rabbi Avi Goldstein

Message from the Board of Trustees

Dear Legacy Society Members:

The Beth Jacob Congregation Board of Trustees wish to express our sincere thanks for your financial support. Whether cash, stock, real estate, or other possessions, your Legacy gifts will help us succeed in fulfilling the mission of our synagogue.

While some of you have made outright gifts, others have included Beth Jacob in your wills. Working with our planned giving partner, the Columbus Jewish Foundation, some of you have obtained charitable gift annuities for our benefit, and others have named Beth Jacob to benefit from charitable trusts. We even know of those who have made Beth Jacob the beneficiary of life insurance policies and IRA accounts. All of these gifts- whether current or deferred- inspired within us a certain sense of gratitude not only for your generosity, but also for your expression of confidence in our lease and our future.

We realize there are numerous causes and organizations that compete for your charitable interests and this makes us all the more grateful for your support. You honor us with your gifts.

We want you to know that we do not take your generosity for granted. We desire to honor you by making sure Beth Jacob Congregation is all that you hope it to be, both now and for generations to come.

Again, thank you for every gift- past, present and future- that you have or will commit to create a Jewish legacy. We are working hard to be worthy of your trust.

Getting Started

Chances are you already give generously to Jewish charitable organizations. But have you considered including Beth Jacob in your will, or as a beneficiary of your retirement fund, so you can continue to make a difference for generations to come?

Questions to Consider

Anyone can do this. You don't have to be wealthy, just committed to Beth Jacob’s cause. This decision is for after you are gone, and you can decide exactly what percentage, or what part, of your estate to leave via your will or by simply naming Beth Jacob as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. You can make sure that the people you love are taken care of first, and you can change it if needed.
The answer is different for everyone. Some people make a will after the birth of a child; others may wait until they receive an inheritance. Whether you already have a will or are just getting started, it's always right to think of how you want to be remembered. Now is the time.
While the community will feel the impact of your legacy gift once you are gone, you may experience tax advantages in your lifetime, and your estate and heirs may benefit from additional tax savings. For details and definitive tax information contact your tax professional.
No, typically just a few additional sentences to your will in the form of a codicil are enough to make a legacy gift. You should not assume your family knows your wishes, so preparing a valid codicil with your lawyer is important.
You can make a legacy gift in many other ways such as using your:
  • Life insurance policy
  • Retirement plan
  • Cash
  • Appreciated Securities
  • Real Estate
It's easy to do. Reflect on your Jewish passions. We encourage you to begin your legacy conversation by contacting our Executive Director, Miranda Abrams- Weisbuch at 614-237-8641 or Miranda@bjcolumbus.org, as well as Gary Robins of the Columbus Jewish Foundation at 614-559-3214 or grobins@tcjf.org. You may also want to contact your financial advisors and/or estate-planning attorney at this time.